Knightsbridge Terrace
Stephen Woodhams
Concealed linear lighting provides soft halos of light to each space.

This cleverly designed multi-levelled London terrace is further enhanced with carefully considered lighting solutions.

Concealed spotlights illuminate the umbrella trees to create a lit green canopy. Low level striplighting provide striking halos of light to the planters. This effect is continued to create soft lines of light under the stairs and seating. Careful consideration is given to how the lighting extends the perception of space with the reflections in strategically placed mirrors.

A sense of height and grandeur is maintained in the front terrace with the over-scaled planters. Linear striplighing provides a soft reflected up-light to the textured planters and provides an illuminated backdrop to cntrast the low level planting

A perfect example of how creative lighting design can add a further dimension to a beautiful garden.