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As lighting designers, we don't work in isolation. Architects, interior designers and electrical engineers really appreciate having us on the team because we understand the way they work.

We're passionate about design, we care about giving you best value, and we understand the detail of all aspects of a project.

Our approach closely mirrors the design, construction and implementation process of our professional partners, and the development of a project from concept to final presentation of the space.

As a client, you would get the best value from an independent lighting agency by using our expertise from the earliest stages of a project right until its completion, particularly with more complex and technical schemes.

At DesignPlusLight we create stylish lighting schemes that enhance and celebrate the interior design and architectural requirements of a space.



At every stage of the project we communicate with the client, architect, interior designer and contractors to ensure the lighting design is sustained from concept right through to implementation, and is integrated with all other building services and functions. We give each project our full attention and care, bringing all our knowledge, expertise and experience to bear on every scheme. Our expertise also means we can create maximum effect for the budget.

Our schemes direct light only where it is required to highlight its effects rather than its source, avoiding glare and light pollution. We specify light fittings that can be easily accessed and safely maintained.

We use the best, most appropriate and most sympathetic technology, equipment and fixtures for every project. We are environmentally responsible, using energy-efficient lighting , and going beyond the minimum requirements of legislation while remaining true to the design concept.



We understand that it can be a complex task to know what forms of lighting are required and allowed in new projects. We believe that sustainable lighting should be more than just specifying energy efficient light sources.

We look at every aspect of the lit environment, including the impact of daylight, through to appropriate methods of lighting control ensuring a harmonious balance between different light sources. Our experts can advise and guide you on how to comply with new regulations, creating the best solutions to your design brief and budget

We are leaders in the lighting design industry, creating beautiful and elegant lighting schemes that are fully compliant with the latest regulations, and without compromising on style.



We meet the architect, interior designer and other members of the team to establish the scope of the project and the overall vision, before preparing conceptual plans and image boards to show the effects of the lighting.

As interior design and architectural plans are finalised, we develop the lighting concept to tender stage, providing fully dimensioned and circuited lighting drawings, technical lighting specifications, and a control schedule.

Once contractors are on site, we administer the implementation of the lighting scheme throughout the construction process, coordinating the installation of any custom fixtures, and reviewing the lighting scheme with the client and design team.

The final stage is to 'commission' the lighting, programming the control system so the most important design features are highlighted and the mood of the space can be dramatically changed.


Bespoke Design

We specify a range of high quality products, as appropriate, to build up your lighting scheme. However, sometimes the project needs something extra special. DesignPlusLight often design and create bespoke fittings that are exactly right for the project.

Our bespoke commissions have ranged from restyling a simple uplighter, to designing a stunning chandelier for a staircase. Our detailed understanding of materials, aesthetics and electrical function also means we can cleverly incorporate practical elements into decorative features: for instance, beautiful, unique pendants in a casino that not only light the gaming tables perfectly but also feature hidden cameras.

Whatever bespoke lighting your project requires, we'll use our expertise to ensure your space looks spectacular.